Definition: “Alchemy” – a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

As the definition implies; Alchemy is the mix of various parts that creates a result. The better we understand each of those parts, and the effects it has on our lives and those around us, the better equipped we become to successfully manage our lives and create the outcomes we desire.

From your date of birth I am able to gain valuable insights into five personality traits. Your Ego, Emotional Centre, Communication Style, Values and Drive. This process can be used for individuals, families and corporates, and will be an invaluable source of information, and a tool to guide you to overcoming obstacles and enhancing the positives areas in your life. 

By using astrology we are able to separate and analyze the 5 main elements that make up our personalities. Your date of birth holds the key. But have you ever wondered why sometimes you have absolutely nothing in common with people of the same star sign as you? There are five personal planets that have an effect on who you are. Each have a unique function and depending on the date of your birth they will express their unique qualities in the particular sign of the zodiac that they are positioned.

Imagine an empty shell of a person, then add ego [Sun] and they’ll react in a certain way. Then we add emotion [Moon], followed by thinking and communication [Mercury], a value system and a manner in which he give and receives love [Venus], and finally [Mars], a way to express drive. This all comes together to form a definable character with certain distinguishable qualities that make them unique. It’s these five layers that affect your personality.

Having this information available to you, about yourself and others, will enable you to understand and respond in a more informed manner. Information is power, and in this case positive power. So you may be a Gemini [Ego], but there are four more layers to who you are, and set you apart from other Gemini’s. We are all different, yet we share a common need to connect to with another and to be loved.